Our Company

Thank you for taking an interest in our company. At Clayton Financial we are independant and objective. This means to you an unbiased approach to creating the most beneficial planning for you and your family. Experience, expertise and our unique economic approach to planning can provide you with results unsurpassed in the financial services industry. Our macro-economic analysis will address wealth accumulation, preservation and distribution.

We will discuss a portfolio design with a level of service, sophistication and customization typically reserved for very wealthy investors which includes:

  • Access to institutional money managers
  • A high level of portfolio customization
  • Broad diversification
  • Tax efficiency
  • Premier Technology

We will discuss efficiencies in asset management

  • Insurance coverages Auto, Home, Life , Health, Disabilty, Long Term Care
  • Legal Instruments for estate protection
  • Wills, Living Wills Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts, Power of Attorney and Health Care proxy

We will examine Tax strategies for minimizing taxes and promoting wealth creation

  • Qualified Retirement plans
  • Charitable remainder trusts
  • Family foundations
  • Taxefficient paydown stategies

Our unique ability is to coordinate for you a team of advisors, all experts in each of their respective fields. Your personal team will work in coordination to create the safest, most efficient and productive plans available. Tax efficiency, economic risk reduction, financial and insurance cost recapture and a maximized money supply are the cornerstones of our planning. A financial model is created by implementing the appropriate strategies. Wealth creation without additional out of pocket expense is the result of our financial planning.